Hello Caroline! We caught up with the British Fashion Council’s ever-inspiring chief executive Caroline Rush in the café at our Topshop showspace to chat NEWGEN and how the BFC supports new talent. Since joining BFC in 2009, Caroline is widely credited with making the British fashion industry a major global force and London, a can’t-miss city during fashion month.

At the heart of the BFC is nurturing British design talent through schemes like NEWGEN. What does it mean to you?
When you talk about NEWGEN people immediately think the very best of the world’s best emerging talent. They’re always super hot tickets during fashion week and everyone waits to see because the designers that are part of NEWGEN make such a leap each season. They’re in the early stages of their brand building and they just go from strength to strength.

And Marques’Almeida has had an incredible rise over the past few seasons…
Every show that Marques’Almeida has done has been incredible and it’s brilliant to see the editors wearing it on the front row. It makes me very proud in general because the designers put their heart and soul into it.

What do you think of the Marques’Almeida collaboration with Topshop coming up in October?
When the new designers get the opportunity to work with Topshop, it’s really an opportunity for them to understand how big business works as their brand gets bigger. It’s also great exposure and the fashion fans of Topshop are introduced to this incredible talent, which is such an amazing thing.

Fashion East was also in the Topshop Space today, which is another incredible platform for new talent…
Fashion East really gives designers that platform when they’re just breaking through or they’re trying something completely different.  It starts the whole camaraderie of designers working together and developing their businesses.

A difficult question but what’s been the highlight of LFW for you this season?
The brilliant thing this season has been listening to the international press talking about the talent that we have here in London and how it’s just going from strength to strength. It doesn’t matter if it’s emerging talent or established designers, they’re all pulling it out of the bag.

Long gone are the days where LFW was the fashion week to miss…
London used to be thought of just about new talent but now we have this brilliant balance between influential designers such as Christopher Kane and Erdem and powerhouses like Burberry and Topshop Unique.

What’s in store for next season’s LFW?
Not telling! You’ll have to wait and see!