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Every year we wave goodbye to the food and family filled days of Christmas and prepare to face the impending doom of the January blues. While the month ahead might seem like a endless stretch of grey days, strung together with half hearted New Year’s resolutions and unsuccessful attempts to join the (suddenly giant) amounts of people crammed into the gym, it is officially a time to embrace starting fresh and get yourself in gear for the year ahead. This January we thought we’d say goodbye to detox juicing and diets and ease ourselves into phase one of 2015 with three of the latest (and genuinely fun) fitness activities to try.


Think you’re over yoga? Think again, and then head down to the new Triyoga location in Camden. Based in a former Victorian piano factory  the latest addition to the renowned centre’s schedule is Barre class, which uses ballet skills to tone and strengthen – a bit more intense than regular classes and you can (sort of) fulfill your childhood ballerina dreams. Natalie Portman eat your heart out. Don’t want to leave the house? Top Triyoga teacher and celeb favourite Nadia Narain has released her new DVD ‘Everyday Yoga for Stress Release’, consisting of bitesize twenty minute daily tutorials.

What to wear?
These leggings, this crop-top and this sweater.


If you’re looking for a way to make exercise way more enjoyable, head down to Frame’s Saturday morning class at the fancy Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. Known for their super fun workout classes (check out the Beyonce dance routine one) the team will be running their signature class from the amazing 100 room on the 7th floor, followed by a Detox Kitchen brunch and tasty Lovage juice – all for £20! Ideal.

What to wear?
These joggers, this tee and these trainers.

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If you miss the days of re-enacting Britney dance routines in your bedroom, look no further than Seen On Screen. With studios based all over London, they run fitness classes where you can learn the moves to pretty much any hit of the past couple of decades – think Christina Aguilera/Kelis/Aaliyah – as well as Diva workshops and ‘Swag sessions’. Time to round up your mates and get those dancing shoes on…

What to wear?
This top, these joggers and these (totally dancefloor worthy) trainers.

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