To create our new Freedom Found jewellery we sent two of our favourite fashion bloggers to Istanbul to gather inspiration – sourcing one of a kind jewellery pieces at the city’s famous Grand Bazaar. The ladies in question? Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What and Camille Charrière of Over The Rainbow. To launch the collection, both bloggers hosted chic events in their cities – New York and London, of course – and we were there to enjoy a few glasses of champagne and catch up with the girls about their time in Istanbul.

Danielle, We Wore What

How did you source the jewellery pieces that inspired Freedom Found?

D: “We spent hours hunting through the Grand Bazaar to find one of a kind pieces we’ve never seen before.”

C: I wanted my pieces to reflect the staples in my own wardrobe, so looked through all the different stalls for pieces that I felt had a timeless air about them, and would fit in nicely with my own sartorial routine.

What’s your favourite style in the collection?

D: “I love all the necklaces stacked together with a minimal outfit under.”

C: My favourite piece is the set of three bracelets, purely because I feel you could bang them on and leave to their own device for months at a time, which is the way I like to wear my jewellery.

What can we expect from the collection as a whole?

D: “The collection screams festival season to me. I expect people to be wearing the collection to events like Coachella.”

How would you describe it in three words?

D: “Vintage, metal, bohemian.”

What do you think of Istanbul as a travel destination?

C: Istanbul was a blast! The food was beautiful, the historical city mesmerising and the nightlife wild. Soho House is opening their biggest venue there at the end of this month so am already plotting my return. So much left to explore!

Where would you recommend to someone visiting Istanbul?

D: “I definitely recommend staying at the Mama Shelter Hotel. It was super cute and had amazing views of the city. And of course the Grand Bazaar for shopping.”

What advice would you give someone starting a style blog?

D: “Stay true to yourself, find your niche, high quality images are important and keep the design of your blog minimal.”

C: Do it for the right reasons: because you have a voice and want to share. And remember, the internet is infinite. There is room for everyone. Good luck!”

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