Sequin camo prints, thigh high latex boots, patchwork fur, ‘sex’ logos and studded denim – together? Only Ashish could make this work. The London designer’s AW15 show at our Tate Britain showspace was fun and fabulous as ever – but also with an underlying message about women owning it. We navigated through the chaos backstage to get the lowdown from everyone who made it happen.


“It was a celebration of being strong and sexy, and most importantly having the freedom to do that. I’m sick of censorship – it links up with #freethenipple on Instagram and the slut walks, about women celebrating their bodies without being labelled.”

Stylist Anna Trevelyan on… THE SHOES

“Me and Ashish love to make a full look with lots of great accessories. The boots are an interesting shoe choice this season… Fingers crossed none of the girls fall over! I’ll be wearing a pair straight after the show.”

Hair stylist Ali Pirzadeh on… THE HAIR

“It’s a girl who’s on her way home from a party. I used fake hair pieces in the same colours as the furs in the collection to create these textured tops with high shine sides. The mullet is back!”

Make-up artist Sharon Dowsett on… THE MAKE-UP

“The make-up was inspired by the red boots: loads of big lashes and loads of red lips. We got the models to do their own lips so it was quite messy and undone.”

Nail expert Michelle Humphrey on… THE NAILS

It took my team eight hours to pre-make 17 sets of fake nails the night before the show! We filed them into a stiletto point (again, inspired by the shoes), and painted on camo prints and power red sparkles.”

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