Valentine’s Day is coming up and while the idea of going for a fancy meal with your beau or staying in with your single gal pals sounds good, we actually think it’s the perfect opportunity to make it all about YOU. Run a bath, grab some kettle chips (Topshop girls’ snack of choice) and get stuck into a good book. We’ve put together a list of new favourites from the seriously romantic to the anti-valentine’s…

If you liked Amelié (yes, we know it’s a movie!)… All This Has Nothing to Do with Me by Monica Sabolo

A homage to those exciting early stages of love. The protagonist keeps a detailed journal of every moment with her new love – think emails and photographs but also drawn out diagrams and found momentos. It’s obsessive, charming and tinged with that oddly comforting feeling of unrequited love.

If you liked 50 Shades of Grey…  Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum 

50 Shades divides opinion at Topshop but there’s no doubt it was a real stormer in the book charts. Released this March, Hausfrau has been causing a similar initial buzz in literary circles. Don’t be fooled though, the leading lady in Hausfrau shouldn’t be underestimated and her journey from suburban housewife to rebel leaves you wanting so much more.

If you liked Grace Coddington’s memoir… The Way We Wore by Daphne Selfe

Now here’s a love affair we can get behind – one with fashion! Model Daphne Selfe tells her story from her early days as a department store model in the ’50s to now, as a regular in glossy magazine pages even in her late eighties. Get inspired!

If you liked Gone Girl… The Fever by Megan Abbot

This may be based at a high school but Mean Girls this is not. A mystery illness sweeps the school (Virgin Suicides style) and secrets abound. Abbot keeps us wrapped around her little finger with her moorish storytelling and slow unravelling. Snap it up, here!

If you liked Never Been Kissed… The Gospel According to Drew Barrymore by Pippa Wright

Yup, we’ve compared a book to a movie AGAIN. Either way, if you have a fondness for the ’90s you are bound to love this book. An easy read about female friendship that’s littered with pop culture references, we recommend this one for those of you who maybe haven’t picked up a book in a while. Find out more:

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