Fashion East‘s rebellious third designer, Ed Marler’s hotly anticipated second season transports us to an eccentric East-end kingdom of Cockney rhyming slang, British TV camp and 1970s chintz. A homage to Marler’s love of Only Fools and Horses and pop culture in general, the references came thick and fast as each model – or ‘character’ as Marler put it – emerged from the sitcom-esque backdrop.

Tretchikoff’s The Green Lady – a painting that has adorned the kitschiest of living room – was the basis for one look, Del Boy’s shearling car coat another. Even Kim Kardashian got a look in;  “that look she does where she wears not a lot and then a big big coat over the top. I love that”.

A chaotic mish-mash of British pub culture and Ed’s signature medieval motifs, Marler’s mission statement is made clear in the pre-show  instructions  he gave to his streetcast models – “just do your own thing and have fun”.

Words: Charlotte Lauren Wood.