If we had to wear a uniform, we’d want it to be from the 1205 AW15 collection. Designer and NewGen recipient Paula Gerbase took it back to basics this season, sending ribbed knits and simple, structured tailoring down the Barbican Conservatory housed catwalk. Super high polo necks and slicked back ponytails were paired with utilitarian details in an all natural colour palette of chalky whites, navy and grey. Plus, there were pockets galore – perfect for helping us achieve our AW15 action girl dream. Pre-show, we caught up with Paula to talk castings, the collection and last minute catastrophes…

How do you prepare for London Fashion Week?
It starts about a month before the show – first on the list is always the venue – once that’s locked down we start bringing in our show production team to plan it all. Then, as soon as we’re done with the show of one season I’m already thinking through ideas for the next one!

How does casting come into play?
Girls generally get confirmed the night before the show. Casting is a real puzzle especially when specific girls have multiple looks – timings have to be perfect and the full process has to run like clockwork.

What’s the biggest panic you have in the run-up to the show?
The biggest worry is always the collection – we like to be organised and get everything done with plenty of time but there’s always a late fabric arrival that puts a spanner in the works!

What fuels your fashion week? 
Sleep is the most underrated and most needed in the run up to fashion week – failing that a 3am pizza tends to keep the team going!

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Words: Rhiannnon Wastell. Photos: Stylonylon