Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty is finally open! We popped by for an early preview of the exhibition and believe us, it justifies the hype. Here’s five reasons you’d be a fool to miss out…

1. It’s McQueen’s homecoming

“London’s where I was brought up. It’s where my heart is and where I get my inspiration.” The McQueen quote that greets visitors makes it feel even more poignant that Savage Beauty has finally arrived in the designer’s hometown. You’ll get a real sense of just how much the city inspired him, from Savile Row to Jack the Ripper and taxi drivers like his dad.

2. Each room feels like a part of his identity

This isn’t just an exhibition of mannequins. Curator Claire Wilcox’s genius transformation of each room feels just as ground breaking as McQueen’s designs. We don’t want to spoil it too much, but expect spooky bone-cratfed catacombs, trippy animations and a ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ filled floor-to-ceiling with some of his most iconic pieces.

3. You’ll see hundreds of his greatest hits up-close

The armadillo shoes? Tick. The revolving spray paint dress? They’ve got it. These and over a hundred of McQueen’s most memorable designs are on display for you to see in all their intricacy. We could’ve stayed there staring for hours.

4. You’ll feel like a front row guest

McQueen was renowned for taking the traditional fashion show and turning it into something more akin to performance art. See the original mirrored box from his controversial asylum show and get mesmerised as Kate Moss appears before you’re eyes in the very same hologram that wowed his guests in 2006.

5. It’s emotional 

Not only is this exhibition expertly done, but it’s also emotional. From the tragedy of his death, to the feelings of patriotism that it brings – we reckon it might bring a tear to your eye.

Convinced? 200 Savage Beauty tickets are available each day on a first-come-first-serve basis until 2nd August. Find out more from the V&A.