Unique Inspiration: Northern Soul

For SS15, the designers behind our Unique catwalk collection took their inspiration from Northern Soul! So what’s it all about? The dance ‘n’ music movement began up north in the ’60s and ’70s, when retro American records and out-there dancing offered a much-needed escape from the humdrum realities of teenage life. Here’s the basics, from the look to the moves.


Part dance school, part ’60s mod – we took the Northern soul aesthetic and referenced it in our SS15 Unique collection with frilly dresses, sporty polos and made-for-dancing pleats. Check out the pieces that just landed today.


Soul classics from America on repeat – from doo wop groups like the The Vel Vets, to gospel girl Linda Jones and ‘Let’s Twist Again’ icon Chubby Checker.


‘Dance like no-one watching’ comes to mind. Northern Soul kids didn’t mill around chatting – it was about going all out with high kicks, hand stands and some seriously fancy footwork.


The movement even adopted their own logo – with hundreds of fans customising flares and polos with clenched fist badges to show their Northern Soul allegiance.


While Wigan Casino was the original epicentre, today a number of Northern Soul all-nighters have started to spring up again from Manchester to London and New York.

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