Treating your mum to flowers this Sunday? We’ve got just the place. Flora Starkey is one of our favourite London florists – so much so that we asked her to created the British countryside-inspired floral arrangements for our AW15 Unique show at London Fashion Week. We caught up with her to chat about the show, plus what to pick for Mother’s Day.

What was the inspiration behind the flowers at the Topshop Unique show?

We wanted to reference the beautiful prints in the collection (inspired by the English countryside) so used thistles and other wild and natural looking plants. Florist and author Constance Spry was also an inspiration. Her work was from a time before flowers were shipped internationally and so they were always British and seasonal.

How did the Tate Britain venue impact on the choice of flowers?

The venue is such an impressive space, it really needs volume to fill it. So I went big with the branches and we added some larger flowers like peonies and poppies.

Mother’s Day is coming up! What makes the perfect bouquet?

It’s the perfect time for tulips, hyanciths and sweet smelling paperwhites.

What trends are big in floristry now?

I think that there’s a definite move towards a looser more natural style. I think we’ll see a real departure from the formal domed arrangements that have been around for so long now.

What would you advise to budding florists?

My main advice would be to get hands on experience. Practice and experiment with flowers at any opportunity. It’s very hard work but also very rewarding!

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