The Best of the ’90s: Halloween

The one night of the year where quite literally anything goes is fast approaching. It’s time to prep your most Halloween-appropriate outfit, and we’re not talking black cat masks, devil horns and bunny-ears. When it comes to sourcing inspiration, we’ve searched through the ’90s archives to find five of the best throwback looks. From Demi Moore heading to the party dressed as Gomez Addams in 1997, to Hollywood’s biggest Halloween enthusiast Heidi Klum arriving at her party on horseback dressed as Lady Godiva – get your outfit inspiration from these alternative ’90s Halloween looks.


Drew Barrymoore

Take style cues from Drew Barrymore this Halloween and front sex appeal without needing to show any skin. Dressed in an oversized men’s suit, beaten-up brogues, a shirt and braces with her hair slicked back, Drew’s Halloween look is every bit as gangster as the real deal.


Kate Moss

Arriving at the party in the back of a limo sat next to British DJ and musician Goldie, Kate’s shimmering seductive eye and top hat combination – worn with lashings of lace and a silver metal staff for good measure – is the answer to doing Halloween the high fashion way.


Heidi Klum

It’s no secret that supermodel Heidi Klum is Hollywood’s biggest Halloween enthusiast. Pictured here arriving at her party on horseback in a diamond encrusted body suit – dressed as Lady Godiva – Heidi’s other impressive Halloween get-ups have ranged from Eve’s apple from the Garden of Eden and Kali the blue Hindu Goddess with ten arms, to an 8ft tall glittering robot.


Demi Moore

Demi Moore is another A-lister that proves the merit in turning gender roles on their head for Halloween. Seen here dressed as a rather dashing Gomez Addams – the patriarch of the fictional Addams family household – Demi pulls off the pencil thin moustache and severe brows far too well. Time to source a cigar and a cravat…


Naomi Campbell

If in doubt, make like supermodel Naomi Campbell and just channel the ’70s this Halloween. Photographed here with famed American photographer Steven Meisel in 1990, Naomi nails the essence of the ’70s with her red feathered dress, bold floral tights, big gold earrings and even bigger hair.

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