Wedding Inspiration: How To Make It Personal

To celebrate the launch of the Topshop Bride collection we’re bringing you a series of inspirational wedding posts, from the most iconic veils ever to dreamy dessert tables. Planning a wedding with a unique bespoke theme? We asked Wolf and Rosie‘s Rosie Harbottle, who creates painted leathers and paper goods, how to add those personal touches to your big day…

1. Creating Mood Boards 

“The initial step is to create mood boards and gather inspiration to focus on what you want your big day to look like. A mishmash of themes and colour schemes will leave your guests feeling confused rather than wowed, so make your decision early on. It’s vital to have a clear direction for the rest of your planning.”

2. Adding unique touches

“The most memorable weddings always have personal and unique touches. How about my personalised leather jackets? It could be painted with your initials, or you and your husband could wear matching jackets with the lyrics to your favourite song – so that when you stand together the lyrics will read as one. I also love to incorporate your favourite flowers or your wedding flowers into the design so it’s personal to you. Your forever jacket.”

3. Time management 

“If you’re hoping to get bespoke product, cakes or decorations for your wedding, remember to get organised early on. Vendors of bespoke products can often be booked up a year in advance! Having said that, you may not have a long engagement, but it’s still always worth getting in touch as sometimes vendors can move projects to fit you in.”

4. Keeping the memories 

“Choosing the photographer and videographer are some of the most important decisions of the day! Choose someone whose work best embodies your style so you’ll have wedding images that reflect your personalities to keep forever.”

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