The Most Important Thing To Do This Weekend

This Monday marks your last chance to register to vote and make your voice heard in the UK’s General Election, taking place on June 8th. Still need some convincing? We’ve collated the most creative artworks on Instagram, urging you to use your right to vote…

1. Simone Rocha


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 Credit: @simonerocha_ & @britishvogue

2. Dominic Jones


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 Credit: @artshaman & @_dominicjones

3. Florence Welch


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 Credit: @florence

4. Bella Freud


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 Credit: @bella_freud

5. Shrimps


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 Credit: @shrimps__ 

6. Unskilledworker


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 Credit: @unskilledworker

7. Poppy Chancellor

 Credit / Hero Image: @poppyspapercuts

Make sure you’ve registered to vote by May 22nd…