Lessons In French Style: Adenorah

Adenorah is the epitome of effortless French girl cool. As she picks her favourite pieces from Topshop for the summer, we sat down with the Fashion Editor to talk about her love of basics, Biarritz and the one thing she can’t go on holiday without…

Can you introduce yourself…

Hi! My real name is Anne-Laure and I’m a French fashion editor based between Paris and London. I’ve been running the fashion blog Adenorah since 2009 – such a long time now!

Where did the name ‘Adenorah’ come from?

It’s a strange story! I was looking for a name that would catch attention. My boyfriend at the time was from Brittany and we were looking at names from that region in France. We found the masculine name ‘Adenor’ – it sounds pretty close to my real name, so we just feminised it by adding the ‘ah’ at the end.

How did you get into the fashion industry?

I was a student at the time I decided to start my blog, studying Marketing and International Management in Bordeaux. I’ve always loved fashion and followed some bloggers in France like Garance Doré. I just thought ‘why not me?’

When I finished my studies, I had a shoot in Paris with a French brand that came about through the blog. There, I met the brand’s Communications Director – she was looking for a social media manager, I was looking for a job, so it all worked out really well. I was in the role for a year and a half, but when I went to Paris my blog grew so fast that it became impossible to do both. So I left my job to focus solely on Adenorah.

How would you define your style?

I think I am a typical French girl. I really like basics and classically French pieces, like Breton tops. I have this thing with vintage clothing – I love it! I always mix feminine pieces with vintage and more casual items. I’m not a Parisian girl; I’m from Biarritz in the south of France – we call it the French California. So my look is far more casual.

Where do you go for style inspiration?

Instagram! I could say street style, but I see all those images on Instagram anyway. Now we have so many pictures coming at us every day – it’s crazy how it’s changed the way I shop for clothes.

What is the essence of French style?

French people love basics in beautiful materials. We then change up our outfits with accessories – crazy shoes, bags and jewellery. Ultimately, though, it’s all about the attitude.

How do you think it differs from London style?

It’s funny because the icons that illustrate French style are all English, like Jane Birkin and Alexa Chung. But French people are far more focused on wardrobe essentials; in the UK, everyone is far more experimental. They don’t care what people are going to think about their look. I can wear something here in London and feel super-confident, but if I go to Paris in the same outfit, I can see people looking at me strangely!

What are your favourite things to do when you go back to Paris?

Now I’m more in London than in Paris, so when I go back I catch up with my friends and take a coffee en terrasse. The thing I really love to do is just walk around the city – you can’t really do anything by foot in London!

What are your favourite places to go on holiday?

I’m staying in France this summer, going to Cap Ferret where my fiancé is from and Biarritz, of course! I really love the south-west of France. I’m also going to Luberon – it’s so beautiful there. Outside of France, my favourite place on Earth is the Amalfi Coast. It’s just stunning. I love the Italian way of life.

What are your style tips for the height of summer?

It’s all about the dress. It’s easy – you don’t have to choose between lots of tops and bottoms. You only need to pair it with sandals or espadrilles, and that’s it!

What are the pieces you always take away with you on holiday?

I always have a pair of vintage denim shorts in my suitcase – I can’t go away without them! I’ll also take three or four summer dresses, sandals, espadrilles, sunglasses and sun cream. Oh, and a basket!

What are your favourite places in London?

I’m an East London girl – I love Dalston Roof Park, London Fields and Broadway Market. And I go to pick flowers every week at Columbia Road.

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