The Quotes From Last Night’s Golden Globes That Will Inspire You

At The 75th Golden Globes last night, women put the issue of Hollywood’s gender inequality and sexual harassment before the usual glitz and glamour. Most of the actresses wore black gowns on the red carpet in support of Time’s Up, and gave passionate, empowering speeches in which the true force of the movement really shone through. Keep reading to discover the most important speeches of the night…


1. Natalie Portman

“And here are the all-male nominees.”

2. Oprah Winfrey

“Speaking the truth is the most powerful tool we all have. And I am especially proud and inspired by all the women, who have felt strong enough and empowered enough to speak up and share their personal stories. Each of us in this room are celebrated because of the stories that we tell, but this year we became the story.”

3. Frances McDormand

“It was really great to be in this room tonight and to be a part of the tectonic shift in our industry’s power structure. Trust me, the women in this room tonight are not here for the food, we are here for the work.”

4. Nicole Kidman

“This character I played represents something that is at the centre of our conversation right now – abuse. I do believe and I hope we can elicit change through the stories we tell and the way we tell them. Let’s keep the conversation alive. Let’s do it!”

5. Elisabeth Moss

“Margaret Atwood, this is for you, and all of the women who came before you and after you who were brave enough to speak out against intolerance and injustice and to fight for equality and freedom in this world. We no longer live in the blank white spaces at the edge of print. We no longer live in the gaps between the stories. We are the story in print, and we are writing the story ourselves.”