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At first, Say Lou Lou seem like two beautiful young girls just having a really great time. And they are. But don't let their youthful verve and ridiculous good looks fool you. This is a pair of the most determined and uncompromising ladies around. Initial success came practically overnight for the twins when their dreamy single Maybe You set the online music world abuzz. A record deal from hip label Kitsuné followed, as did a tour with Hurts. "Music chose us, we couldn't be away from it," says the younger-by-four-minutes Miranda. "Our whole family is creative so it was forced upon us in that sense. After a while it was more like it would be sad if we didn't give it a try." Thankfully they did try and there's been no time to stop since, with a summer spent recording in LA and a debut album due for release early next year under the mammoth Columbia Records.

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Confident as they may be, the half-Swedish, half-Australian twins are reluctant to pin down their sound. "Putting yourself in a genre can box you in," says the self-described songwriter of the pair, Elektra. "It's ethereal, cinematic pop but that's just how it sounds right now. Can we say Lou Lou pop?" The girls are not your average pop stars. Much of their music is filled with longing, where languid melodies mix with meditations on romance: they're dedicated to telling stories. "The path that we've chosen is inspired by people who write well," she continues, citing PJ Harvey and Tori Amos, "those who write lyrics rather than being simply performers. Kate Bush always wrote stories."

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As you might guess from the '70s Almost Famous aesthetic, Say Lou Lou isn't just about the music but rather a complete concept that encompasses the twins' love of cinema, fashion and photography. "Our favourite fashion icons are timeless… Lauren Hutton, Charlotte Rampling, Jane Birkin," says Elektra. "They're still wearing what they were 30 or so years ago." Yet, regardless of the eras they cite as influences, Miranda and Elektra are unquestionably dedicated to the present. "We always look back and say 'oh that was so '40s,' and so on, but then we think we should try and make this the coolest and most inventive decade ever. We want to be like, we were in our prime in the 2010s!" After seeing these girls sing, pose and talk we have absolutely no doubt that they are.

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