Meet The Skater Girls

Get to know three girls who live to skate, captured by our favourite skateboarding photographer Charlotte Louise Thomas. Once a skater herself, Charlotte had to quit because of an injury. “I felt completely lost, but an old friend suggested I use my photography to keep skating part of my life,” she told us. “I picked up my camera and haven’t looked back. It’s such a positive, happy culture to be part of.” Three years later and she’s taking photos for everyone from Vogue to Copson, projects that led her to meet the girls in our shoot. “All three inspire me, because they push themselves to the limit, work hard and always have a laugh. They’re beautiful inside and out!” Read on as we chat skate idols, fashion and beating the boys…

RIANNE, 21, student, @Rianneskate

How did you get into skating?

I was 14 and a lot of my brothers’ mates skated so I jumped on the bandwagon. I ended up falling in love with it!

Who are your skate idols?

Lacey Baker who won Xgames last year is probably one of the most consistent and stylish female skateboarders out there at the moment. To be honest all the American female skateboarders are insanely good.

What do you love about Instagram? 

Instagram has really helped me connect with girl skateboarders around the world. There are so many girls around the country that are absolutely sick at skating that I didn’t know existed until I saw them on the @girlskateuk Instagram page.

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STEFANI, blogger at The Concrete Chameleon, @stefaninurdingxx

How would you describe your style?

It’s pretty eclectic. I love to dress super chic sometimes in all black, big sunnies and messy hair but I’m also a bit of a magpie for quirky accessories and handbags. I like to mix it up and post outfits on my fashion blog – all about my skate adventures and personal style.

What do you like wearing to skate?

I like to wear high waisted jeans like Topshop’s Joni jeans – they’re so comfy and have a good stretch for skating in. I’ve been loving flares lately too, much to my friends dismay!

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DANNI, 27, Skate Camp Co-Ordinator, @danniglover

What advice would you give other girls wanting to get into skating?

Grab a board and get yourself to a quiet car park to practice your pushing and balance, then head to your local skate park. You can also check out for info on girls-only events around the country and get involved.

What do you think of skating often being associated with boys?

The notion of skateboarding being a boys sport is entirely socially constructed. Women have been skateboarding since the beginning and the iconic image of Pattie Mcgee doing a handstand on her board for the cover of Life Magazine in 1965 proves that. I think now is an important time for female skateboarding – participation is at an all-time high which is pretty exciting.

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