Wow! Sometimes a blast from the past can hit you when you are least expecting it. As we flicked through a copy of the latest issue of Dazed & Confused earlier, we stumbled across an interview with Francine Pascal – the author of the Sweet Valley High books. Which caused a collective sigh of nostalgia from nearly every girl at Topshop HQ.


The Sweet Valley High books were the greatest – following the story of two twin sisters growing up in sunny California, one studious and serious (Elizabeth) and one who was always getting in trouble (Jessica). With identical blonde locks and winning smiles, the sisters navigated the normal pitfalls of high school life; all sorts of boy dramas, fashion disasters and teen angst went on, and we loved following their tales over a grand total of 616 books! Of course, there was a TV series based on the SVH stories too, which followed Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield out of high school and into adulthood – complete with California standard tans, convertible cars and beach side houses. Who could forget those classic 90s outfits?! 


Obviously we're too embarassed to dig out our old SVH books to read on the Tube but thankfully, Francine recently published Sweet Valley High Confidential – the Wakefield sisters 10 years on, which we have to read even if we have to hide it inside a newspaper.


We're also really excited that Diablo Cody (the woman behind Juno) is currently writing the screenplay for a movie version of Sweet Valley High. It's going to be a musical. This is just too much. SVH forever!