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Caroline Polachek is the kind of girl we’d all like to be. Not only is she the dreamy vocals and keys behind Brooklyn synth-pop duo Chairlift but the champion of chic nonchalant dressing we all long to emulate. Having modeled for Marc Jacobs  and penned a track for The Lake & Stars latest fashion show Caroline has successfully managed to tread the line between music and fashion.

Photography by Ryan Kenny for Oyster Magazine

And for our lucky New York shoppers, there’s a chance for you to see her in action! The twenty-something with a newly dropped album will be unleashing her soothing vocals at Topshop’s The Surf Lodge in Montauk, The Hamptons, this weekend for a one-off gig (check out the Facebook Event if you haven’t already – there’ll be cocktails on tap and surprises galore!) So what better time for us to pick the brains of her very pretty head and talk favourite gigs of the summer, Brian Eno and a certain goth-letic dress she’s never without.

What music are you currently listening to?

Julia Holter, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Ariel Pink.

What artist – past or present – most heavily inspires your music?

Finding out about Brian Eno, particularly his “Another Green World” album was definitely a turning point for me.

Your music has been described as psych or synthpop – what do you think of this label and would you change it?

I’m quite happy with either, I even prefer the two together.

How does this new album differ from your first?

This record explores sadness and mania, even conflicting emotions, in a way that our first didn’t. It’s more personal. We also got obsessed with making the sounds on the album have a physicality: like wood, ice, yellow snakes, purple and vapour.

What’s been your best gig of the summer?

Playing Optimus Primavera festival in Portugal. We’d never been there before- the site was right next to this vast beach with industrial buildings around it, it was like being in some lonely anime scene. And then by contrast, the show was so explosive and packed, the kids were crazy. We played alongside Beach House, Neon Indian, and War On Drugs, who are all such great people- the night ended with us all hanging out eating weird anchovy pizza and drinking port wine.

Do you have any pre-performance rituals?

I enjoy walking around in the audience before our shows sometimes, it’s exciting to see the stage from that point of view, and feel the energy in the room before going on.

What’s your favourite outfit to wear on stage?

Lately I’ve been really into wearing oversize scrubs.

What’s your favourite label to wear?

Proenza Schouler!

What are the packing essentials whilst touring?

I have a black men’s windbreaker that I chopped the sleeves off of. It functions as a raincoat, and also as a goth-letic dress when paired with heels. I never take a trip without it.

What is it about Brooklyn that you love so much?

Being around our friends.

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