Music superstar in the making, Adi Ulmansky is not your average pop princess. Hailing from Israel, her unique sound and eclectic mix of influences single her out as one of the most exciting singers to emerge this year. We spoke to Adi about her ever-changing rainbow mane, her love for Frank Ocean and why she’s all about the crop-tops.

Image credit: Yuli Serfaty

How did growing up in Israel influence your work?

Quite a lot, it’s very different music-wise. There is a lot of Mediterranean music on the radio and you can hear lots of Arabic elements. I think growing up there, and especially Jerusalem, definitely influenced my sound and my production.

How would you describe your music?

It’s a mix of fantasy elements. It’s electronica, hip hop, trap with lots of ethnic sounds and beats. I think my whole artistic view is about creating fresh combinations and making them my own.

When did you decide that you wanted to work in the music industry?

I never really decided, it’s just something I’ve been doing ever since I can remember. I always sang, and had a band called Lorena B for a while, but since I started producing my own music it’s got to a different level.

What other artists do you admire and is there anyone you’d like to collaborate with?

I’m really into Earl Sweatshirt, James Blake, Missy Elliott and Major Lazer. My dream is to collaborate with Frank Ocean. I love his sensitivity and song writing.

Adi in Topshop. Image credit: Yuli Serfaty

You have quite a distinctive look, where does your inspiration come from and how important is personal style?

I like a mixture in both my music and my look. I really believe in doing what you find passionate, so my style is inspired by fashion and cultures that fascinate me, whether it’s Japanese anime or grunge, nineties fashion or street style. My style keeps on changing and I really like not being set to a specific genre or vibe.

What do you like to wear when you’re on stage?

I’m really into dressing up on stage and in videos. I love prints and mixing colours and I wear a lot of crop-tops because I’m dancing and want to feel comfortable.

Your hair has been a number of rainbow worthy hues, what are your beauty rules?

I’m really into colours, mostly pastel. My main rule is that it needs to feel fun, fresh and comfortable. I like having fun with my hair because it’s another way of expressing my point of view.

You have to travel a lot, what are your touring must-haves?

My MacBook pro, headphones, sound card and a microphone – I need a way to create my music on the road otherwise I feel lost. Also my Buffalo boots!

Adi Ulmanskyreleases her follow up debut EP ‘Hurricane Girl’ on 19 August 2013. Follow her on twitter @AdiUlmansky and listen to her latest tracks on soundcloud