Petite Meller in Topshop by Iris Bjork

Meet Petite Meller, the Parisian popstress whose cool eccentricity is bringing a breath of fresh air to the pop world. After watching the video for her new track ‘Backpack,’ we fell head over heels for her cute high-pitched vocals, catchy melodies and styling straight out of the ’50s French Riviera – not to mention some mean water skiing skills! We were crushing so hard that we just had to meet her, so got in touch to style her in Topshop and find out what makes this rising star tick. Here’s five things we learnt about Petite Meller:

1. She started writing songs at 8 years old

“My first recollection of music was writing a duet with a boy I was in love with as a child – it was melody and lyrics I had playing in my mind. We recorded it together on my small pink tape recorder and managed to delete some important material my mum had just recorded!”

2. She’s a philosophy geek

“I’m writing my thesis in Philosophy, focusing on the Psychoanalysis of Freud, Lacan and Deluez. My studies are the muse for my songs so it’s basically a cycle – philosophy always leads me to my music. Freud and his follower Jacques Lacan, Sade and Kant, Deleuze and Shakespeare are my biggest inspirations. All those philosophers were trying to figure out what women want. I just try to sing it.”

3. She’s a true Parisian

“For me Paris’ streets are like a Baudelaire song – classy, dramatic and funny at the same time. I love the smell of an extraordinary wine, the 19th century vintage markets and the little streets that lead you from one to another.”

Petite Meller in Topshop by Iris Bjork

4. Her style is inspired by the big screen

“I draw a lot of style inspiration from cinema. In my videos for ‘NYC Time’ and ‘Backpack’ we were trying to capture the recollections of my childhood, through the lens of the ’60s French New Wave cinema of Truffaut and Godard and the Italians, like Antonioni and Luchino Visconti.”

5. She learnt to waterski for her ‘Backpack’ video

“By weird coincidence I have a Facebook fan who’s a skiing instructor and after two lessons he said I’m a natural! In the video I had to take off my life jacket and sing at the same time, so basically I nearly drowned during each shot! And it was raining!”

Petite Meller in Topshop by Iris Bjork

Like Petite Meller’s look? Click the pictures to buy. ‘Backpack’ is available as digital download via iTunes or limited edition 7″ clear vinyl in Rough Trade (London), Colette Store (Paris) and Isetan (Japan).

Photography: Íris Björk
Styling: Nao Koyabu
Makeup and hair: Margret Magnus