You’re Invited To A Sleepover…

Looking for an alternative night out this weekend? Get yourself down to The Sleepover. Hosted by the coolest women in music and comedy, this is far from your average evening spent sitting around in sleeping bags talking about nothing with your best mates.

Held in the Royal Suite at the iconic St Pancras Renaissance Hotel (it’s where The Spice Girls filmed their Wannabe video), comedian of the minute Luisa ‘What would Beyoncé do?’ Omielman will be taking the lead on a round of ‘truth or dare’, radio presenter and perfume expert Katie Puckrik will be holding a perfume masterclass and Radio 1 DJ Gemma Cairney will be providing a specially curated sleepover soundtrack. Plus, there’ll be proscecco on tap and snacks from local restaurant MI + ME. Ahead of the event, we grabbed Gemma to give us her ingredients for holding a perfect sleepover…


1. “Create a playlist filled with the tunes that make you lose your mind. The songs that remind you of holiday romances or learning routines with your friends. The songs may sound cheesy out of context, but are ideal at a sleepover.”

2. “Posh PJs. I have been researching pyjamas for The Sleepover non-stop and have found it SO enjoyable! There are so many lovely sets of PJs out there, and the silkier and more decadent your sleepwear is, the better you’ll feel.”

3. “Leave expectations and inhibitions at home. A sleepover is about relaxing, with usual rules thrown out the window… it beats a night out! No money will need to be exchanged, your feet will be spared of uncomfortable shoes and you won’t need to sort transport home in the wee hours – ideal.”

Sound like your sort of thing? Book tickets for The Sleepover here.