Singer Anna Wise on Halloween & Working with Kendrick Lamar

After her electric show at one of New York’s coolest Halloween parties we asked singer Anna Wise about her current rise to fame. The up-and-comer has already won a Grammy Award, worked with the amazing Kendrick Lamar and had a viral music video on her hands – we asked her about her ultimate Halloween costume, working with Kendrick and more…

How would you describe your music to someone’s who’s never listened?

It’s tricky, I usually like to reference something people are familiar with, then let them listen and slowly realize I’m injecting all of these subliminal seeds. Musically…. you can say electronic, jazz, hip-hop, R&B, soul, folk, classical, guitar, saxophone, vocals, and beats.

What was it working with Kendrick Lamar?

One of the best experiences of my life. Like fulfilling a past life contract. 18 hour days in the studio that felt like 30 minutes. He’s a prophet and a revolutionary… to have him pick me out of all the singers in the world to work so closely together… I’m so grateful.


What’s your dream Halloween costume?

My dream Halloween costume would be The Moon. I’d paint my skin gray, add some craters, and wear a glowing onesie. I’d also make girls start their periods just by coming close to them. I’d end the night at the ocean, controlling the tides. Wouldn’t it be cool if we actually became what we chose to be for Halloween? Just for one night. There’s an amazing Buffy episode about that exact thing.

What will you be wearing at this show?

Ohhh darling, let’s not ruin the surprise!

What’s your favourite thing about Halloween?

Halloween is the dopest holiday there is. It’s the one widely recognized non-religious holiday, gets people wild and creative, and does not glorify a specific person.

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