5 Ways to Get Slogans Into Your Wardrobe

They say actions speak louder than words so it’s time to snap up some fashion pieces with a lot to say. That’s right, slogans, statements and big logos are back in a big way. “Social media is a huge part of millennial lives, and memes have been so viral in formulating catch phrases, statements and slogans,” said Lauren Decker founder of slogan-centric Curated Gift Shop that’s popping up at our NYC Soho store through December. “This influence on our daily experience has thus made its way into all facets of our styled life!” Here’s five ways to get words into your wares right now…


1. Let Your Shirt Do the Talking

Whether you have a political agenda to push, a brash statement to make or you want the world to know you’re feeling sleepy, why not let your tops do the talking for you?


2. Make it Music Merch

Bowie or Papa Roach?! This may not be as divisive as a political statement but music merch allows you to humble brag about the gig you’ve just seen or the artist you’re currently obsessed with.


3. Stack it like an Arm Party

As coined by our friends at Man Repeller the arm party is the perfect place for a subtle statement. Get yours at our New York Soho Store from our friends at The Curated Gift Shop who are popping-up til 23rd December.


4. Embrace the Festive

Okay, we know Christmas jumpers aren’t necessarily cool but they are fun. It’s also the perfect playful time of the year to wear a pun proudly on your chest and not be made fun of. We love this classic red one and if sweaters aren’t your thing, you can keep cute in the comfort of your own home in these PJs.


5. Represent your Brand

Ivy Park, Adidas, Ellesse, we’ve got a long list of awesome brands worth repping in store and online at Topshop.com. Pick your statement logo or brand slogan and wear it proudly.

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