Party Season Beauty With Danielle & Nicole Kahlani

If the Kahlani twins aren’t currently on your hair and beauty radar – they definitely should be. With Danielle on make-up and Nicole manning all-things hair, this super-cool duo have worked with clients such as Wonderland, i-D, Chanel and Louis Vuitton, as well as countless Topshop shoots. We caught up with the girls backstage on our Be The Party christmas shoot to chat retro hair muses, festive beauty trends and tips and tricks for the party season…

RETRO DISCOchardonne_for-web

Tell me about inspiration behind this look…

Danielle: I wanted the make-up to reflect the outfit – so went for all-out glitter with a retro edge. Glitter is very cool right now.

Nicole: It’s playful, it’s fun! It’s a little bit ’90s and a little bit ’60s.

And how do we recreate it ourselves?

Danielle: For the metallic eye you need two types of silver glitter – one with a finer grain and one with slightly larger flecks. Take the large glitter and press into the inner and outer corner of the eye, then use the more refined glitter in the centre of the lid and under the lash line. Apply black mascara to the top lashes – leaving the lower ones bare, keep the skin natural and finish the look with a high-shine lip gloss.

Nicole: Using a small round brush, blow dry the ends up and around into a retro flick. Set with a lightweight hairspray.

What’s the best thing about this look?

Danielle: The eyes can be left quite messy. It looks cooler when it’s less polished.

Nicole: It’s a great way of refreshing a one-length bob. By only blowdrying the ends and keeping the rest natural you get a much fresher, loose finish.

And why is it relevant for now?

Danielle: It’s fairly easy to do but still a very strong look.

Nicole: It has a retro-feel, but is also very effortless and chic.


What inspired this look? 

Danielle: The circular reflections of light you get from a disco ball.

And how do we recreate it? 

Danielle: Use eyelash glue to stick gold plated ‘split rings’ to the eyelid. Offset the look with well-groomed brows and fresh, natural skin and lips.

What’s cool about it?

Danielle: It’s essentially a 3D metallic eyeliner. And it really isn’t as hard as it looks…

And why is it relevant?

Danielle: Girls are becoming so creative with their make-up looks now – it’s a real expression of personality. I wanted to tap into that.

’70s DIVAflowerhair_for-web

Talk me through this hair… Did you have a muse?

Nicole: ’70s disco divas… Diana Ross’ hair… Solange!

Why does it feel relevant?

Nicole: It’s all about the big blown out afro this year – working with your hair’s natural texture and enhancing it.

So how do we do it?

Nicole: Start with your hair in a middle parting. If you have super-tight curls then brush them out to make them as big as possible. If you don’t, use a small curling tong to curl all of your hair, set with hairspray and then brush it out. Using a three-wave barrel tool, sculpt the top layer of the hair to create a glamorous ’70s wave. Finally cut the flowers – I used Gypsophila – into small pieces, place into the hair and fix with a strong hold hairspray.

What’s the coolest thing about it?

Nicole: By utilising a middle parting – and not introducing too much volume at the top – it keeps it looking cool and modern. The flowers look almost like snowflakes so it’s super-relevant for Christmas.

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