DIY! How To Make A Christmas Wreath

This December, the Topshop team got festive by attending a Christmas wreath workshop at Carousel – London’s cool restaurant and pop-up space that hosts chef residencies, art exhibitions and workshops in Marylebone. Led by floristry duo Theatre of Flowers, this event was a fun lesson in wreath-making from founders Clemmie and Alice. Sad you missed out? We asked the girls from Theatre of Flowers to share a step-by-step guide for you to create your Christmas wreath at home.


– 1 x metal ring –  as big or large as you’d like. 10” to 14” are good.
– Moss – about a clump the size of a football  (from a flower supplier)
– 1 x Reel Wire
– Pine – 2 to 3 branches
– Some good floristry scissors or secateurs
– Stub wires
– A selection of foliage: dried fruit, ribbons, baubles, berries, eucalyptus leafs etc
– All of the above should be available from most good florist suppliers



1. Gather a decent hand full of your moss and roll it into a sausage, layer this onto one side of ring and wire it onto the ring. Attaching the wire at a point then wrapping the wire round and round it.

2. Do not cut the wire, keep it tight. Keep adding sausage after sausage to the ring until you have the upper side of it completely covered in moss

3. The moss should sit roughly 1 inch high and 2 wide. Ensure that it is all on tightly. you can now attach the loose end of the wire to the ring and cut it.

4. Next get a branch of the pine. You will see the branch is made up of lots of little hands (usually with three fingers) you want to cut all these off. Make a little pile of these.


5. Gather three of the hands at a time and cluster them together from the stem. Usually place the larger of the three on top of the moss, the second slightly more on the inside and the third on the outside, so you are covering the moss covered ring.



6. You then bind this to the ring using the same wire. Like you did with the moss. Keep the wire tight and don’t cut it, gather the next three hands of pine and place the same way as the last but overlapping the stems of the previous three. Keep doing this in the same direction all the way around, till it is nicely covered in pine. it will start to take shape as you go around.

5. For the decoration you can use anything you like. Pine cones are fun and you can spray these if you want them gold or silver for example. Fruit adds good festive colours. You attach all these by twisting the stub wires to them and inserting the wire through the pine and moss layer and then twisting them into the back of the moss ring ensuring the end isn’t left out of the base- as this can scratch your door.

6. Foliage like eucalyptus or holly can be inserted into the pine and moss, this helps create texture, you can also add dried flowers and berries.  Be as loose and wild as you like with this. We both agree less is never more!

7. When you have covered your wreath as much as you’d like in decorations. You can turn it over and using two of the stub wires make a hook. You do this by pushing them through and around the wire ring attaching both ends to the wire ring frame. This is how you will attach it to your door. You can glitz it up with a large ribbon.

8. Keep it fresh by spraying it (this is more if you have used fresh foliage like eucalyptus, another way is to poor a little water into the moss ring.

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