Meet Phoebe Lovatt, Your New Life Coach

When it comes to achieving your New Year goals, Phoebe Lovatt is the ultimate poster girl. After moving to L.A. from London to work as a freelance journalist, Phoebe found she struggled to meet like-minded women to work with. This triggered the idea of creating a support network for working women, and The Working Women’s Club was born. A place for women in creative industries to meet, collaborate and learn from each other, the WW club runs events, parties, classes and talks around the world. Want to know more? We took some time to chat with Phoebe about her secret to success and why she thinks Mondays are just fine…

What are your personal goals for 2017?

I want to travel for myself again. I love to travel but the past two years have been so busy that I haven’t had time to visit anywhere new or even take a non-work related trip. I’m really determined to change that in 2017. And I want to make sure I meditate (learn meditation in 5 simple steps here) for at least ten minutes every morning, no matter what.

An easy wellness trick to do at home? 

It’s a cliche but the easiest wellness trick you can do in your own home is have a bath. A hot bath with epsom salts, essential oils, a candle, a facemask and maybe a glass of wine if you’re going all out… What could be more relaxing than that? (Except sleeping. Make sure you’re doing plenty of that, too.)

I also relax by going to hot yoga classes, cooking, and just being with my friends. It’s easy to neglect the little things, but they make all the difference.

Do you have a tip on staying positive even when things don’t go so well?

A long time ago, I realised I had to stop attaching expectations to things working out a certain way. What is meant to be, will be. When you think like this, the idea of stuff ‘going well’ becomes kind of redundant, and it’s very liberating. Instead, life becomes a series of good spells and not-so-good spells. If a particular situation didn’t work out as I’d have liked, it’s a learning experience. If it did, then great! Either way, there’s no point dwelling. Enjoy the moment, or move onto the next.

What defines success for you?

Two things: One, how much am I helping other people? Two: How much am I enjoying my own life? If you can do both, you’ve nailed it.

A book everyone should read?

Alain de Botton’s (author applying philosophy’s relevance to everyday life) books have had a huge impact on the way I think about love, life and work. I’d recommended almost anything by him – Status Anxiety is particularly insightful if you want something career-related, and The Course of Love is an incredible reflection on long-term relationships.

On your blog you recently mentioned the importance of the balance between labour, leisure, and rest – how do you maintain this?

With difficulty! But again, it’s something I’m committed to improving in 2017. I’m really wary of becoming someone who has nothing to talk about except their work, so this year I want to ensure that I spend time reading, visiting galleries, watching documentaries and films, and listening to new music.

Professionally, I’m trying to ease the pressure (that mostly comes from myself, admittedly) to be constantly be launching new projects. Instead, I want to focus on doing a few things, and doing them really well. Quality over quantity!

Every Monday you send out a newsletter to your subscribers called “Mondays are Fine” – how did this come about and what does it mean to you?

The newsletter is a collection of ten links for a ‘stronger working week’. Usually this is a mix of interesting interviews, career-related articles, and helpful apps and products that I’ve discovered and want to share – as well as information for my own events, podcasts, and blog posts, of course. The title is inspired by a picture of a t-shirt I saw online with the slogan: “Mondays are Fine, You Hate Your Job”. I actually really love Mondays – it’s a chance to start afresh and kickstart a really productive and creative working week. Hopefully my newsletters – and The WW Club as a whole – will help people to feel the same way.

Want to attend one of Phoebe’s events? This January, we enlisted The WW Club to bring a special series of inspirational talks and sessions to Topshop Oxford Circus for our “New Year Goals” events.