The Ultimate Prom Playlist by DJ Val Fleury

You might think prom is all about the dress but we much prefer to think of it as all about the party. And what makes a good party? An excellent playlist. We asked DJ, influencer and all-around-cool-girl Val Fleury to curate a playlist worthy of the dreamiest prom. Listen to her mash-up on the YouTube video and read about her very own prom below…

What inspired the tracks on the prom playlist?

From memory, preparing for prom was as much fun as the big party. We were all so excited about getting glammed-up! there was plenty of shenanigans with friends and loud sing-a-longs on the way there. I created a fun and upbeat playlist that could soundtrack the experience. These are my sweet sixteen selects of known and soon-to-be faves that combine to be the perfect prom pre-play. 

Can you describe your prom?

Your standard 2000s prom… Waterfall hair, shawls, rhinestones, satin, bulky digital cameras, Sidekick phones, dance-offs to 50 Cent and Missy Elliot songs.

Val Fleury, 2016.

What did you wear?

I wore a silver asymmetrical situation to my Senior prom. The highlight was thinking (haha) I looked glamorous, also dancing the night away with my friends. 

What track did you dance to the hardest?

Likely, “The Way You Move” by OutKast.

Any tips for having a good prom?

Glitter, glam, sequin… Go big or stay home. 

Listen to Val’s playlist below:

RAIN DANCING from Val Fleury’s Remixes EP debuts March 28th and will be available for stream and purchase on all major platforms.