Wedding Inspiration: Create The Ultimate Dessert Table

Looking for that extra special touch for your wedding meal? We asked award-winning wedding pâtissier & chocolatier Lucie Bennett to share a step by step guide to creating a stunning and unique dessert table with us…

“One evolving trend in the wedding world is the wondrous dessert table – a rejuvenated take on a century-old tradition of Kings, Queens and High Society. Say goodbye to the cupcake and hello to the gorgeous and delicious edible delights in the form of patisseries for an epic finale to the end of your wedding meal.”

Image by Fork and Dram

1. Plan ahead 

“The most important thing is to inform your chosen baker or pastry chef of the wedding date, size and location of the venue. Most companies will ask for a three-month minimum lead time when choosing a bespoke service. Make sure you do your research and choose a designer whose style you love. The sky is the limit, but there are options to suit every budget.”

Image by Fork and Dram

2. Make it bespoke

“You can also request a dessert table designed around your wedding theme, or ask for other bespoke creations. If you are planning on working with a bespoke business, remember that the process can take a little longer than off-the-shelf designs. Bespoke designs are normally priced by quotation.”

Image by by Miss Gen

3. Get a taste 

“Once you have given and received information on the order, it’s time to book your tasting and consultation. Now the fun really starts; you are usually given a wonderful selection of tasters to sample with your partner. This is where you get to choose what flavour and design combinations you want to have as desserts on the day.”

Image by Fork and Dram

4. Add the finishing touches 

“After the tasting and consultation, the order is refined and all the details are finalised. This will include the menu of desserts, decorations, designs and delivery timings. If you really want to make a statement, you can liaise with the venue and florist to create a display for the desserts. The bakers or pastry chefs usually communicate with the venue to make sure the delivery storage and display is seamless on the day of the wedding!”


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