5 Artists To Know From Frieze New York

We may know Frieze Art Fair for their covetable street style and chic opening parties but this year we were determined to discover the artists making waves at the weekend-long art show. To get an expert opinion we asked curator and gallerist-on-the-rise, Hilde Helphenstein, of HILDE Gallery LA, to select five artists that are worth your attention this weekend.

1. Nancy Spero

“The late Nancy Spero has been an influential artist and role model for generations expressing female rage while celebrating femininity. Her installation at Frieze of female underwear and figures hung on a clothing line is dedicated to the European fertility goddess, Sheela-Na-Gig.”

Work (above): Sheela-Na-Gig At Home, 1996. Galerie Lelong, Paris.

2. Portia Zvavahera

Zvavahera keeps sketchbooks tucked under pillows and records her dreams upon waking. She uses the writings in the studio as source material where they inform her tapestry-like compositions rich with complexity, pattern, and painterly gestures.”

Work: Wonderfully Made, 2016, Oil-based printing ink and oil bar on canvas 206 x 136cm, Stevenson Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa.

3. Sadie Benning

“Sadie Benning’s work challenges the idea of femininity and masculinity head on. As a transgendered queer youth, Benning was the youngest artist to ever be invited to the Whitney Biennial at age 19. This year at Frieze Benning exhibited her multi-layered, puzzle-like relief paintings that fit together in tenuous, yet beautiful compositions.” 

Work: Untitled, telephone drawing, 2017. Courtesy of the artist and Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects. 

4. Eva LeWitt 

“Born in Italy in 1985 and currently working in New York, Eva LeWitt is an artist to keep an eye on. For her booth at Frieze Frame she worked with industrial acetate, rubber, and carved foams to disrupt your expectation of the materials, and create bold and graphic installations.”

Work: VI, VII, Oslo, Norway.

5. Tala Madani 

“Tala Madani is an artist known for her paintings, drawings and stop-motion animations whose recurrent motifs include men, often made vulnerable. She lovingly plays with the composition of her male subjects making them both the object of the female gaze, and also a character to be identified with.”

Work: The Guidepost, 2017, David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 

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