How I Got My Job: Bianca Valle, Beauty Editor At NYLON Magazine

We all know what it feels like heading back to school – or work – after the summer: there’s worry about the year ahead, potential exams and, of course, what to wear. To help ease those worries, we’ve enlisted beauty editor Bianca Valle to give us some insight into how she made it through school and landed her dream job…

What did going back to school mean for you?

First day outfits were always a big deal for me. In my eyes, it was the time to establish your street cred which could eventually lead to being named best dressed in the year book. Unfortunately, I never was.

How would you describe your high school style?

I loved wearing denim cut-offs and Converse – this is basically the uniform for any California girl. I now put a New York twist on this staple combo.

Bianca wearing Topshop, from @vbiancav

How did you get into college?

I was a hard worker in high school. I wasn’t very concerned with being the most popular and getting invited to all the parties. On the contrary, I sacrificed a lot in high school to have choices when I applied to college. I volunteered and I was deeply involved with several community organizations. I established an art club on campus that created and donated work to charitable organizations.

Is there anything you wish you did differently in high school?

I wouldn’t change anything. I was, however, the target of several jokes because of my ethnicity. But those who made fun of me then, I realise now, peaked in high school! I stayed true to myself and kept my eye on the prize. I got merit scholarships and I was accepted to my first-choice university NYU – a great college in an amazing city with incredible opportunities.

What can new students starting expect to feel when they arrive?

College should be a time of growth. There will be many positive and negative growing pains, but you must keep in mind that everything happens so that we learn from these experiences. But you also have to make your own future in college. Look for opportunities and take risks. My freshman summer at NYU I had two internships, at NYLON TV and a PR intern at Jill Stuart, and I had a job at American Apparel. This amount of hustle is what you need to fit in a city like New York. I left the beach life behind in California, and have used my time well in college to try new things. You should take advantage of any opportunities your college has to offer; internships, study abroad, and a variety of classes.


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