The Collyer Twins On Style, Sisterhood and Summer Playlists

DJ duo, fashion bloggers and travel obsessives – the Collyer twins are your go-to for effortless style inspiration. Discover the girls’ edit of new season staples on and keep scrolling to get to know the girls on our radar right now…

How did you start your blog?

Jordan: I started it back in University as a side project showcasing my love for fashion, I then got Loanne involved as I thought the twin thing would create more of an impact!

Loanne: Jordan started it back in 2013 as purely a fashion blog and we then joined forces a year later after I had finished Uni and that’s when we added more of the music, travel and lifestyle element in to it.

As identical twins, was collaborating always the plan?

Jordan: We’ve always grown up enjoying and doing very similar things. I think it was always going to happen, we knew that whatever we did we would create more of an impact doing it together!

Loanne: Yes, we always knew we’d be stronger joining forces, people love the idea of twins, they find it fascinating, it’s just something that little bit different!

As well as DJing, you’re both constantly travelling! Where’s your favourite place you’ve visited this year?

Jordan: Yes, we’ve travelled a fair bit which is amazing! My favourite place I’ve been to this year has to be Cape Town, my best friend got married in Stellenbosch, on a beautiful wine estate, It was the dreamiest thing ever!

Loanne: Yes we certainly have the travel bug! I would say Mallorca, I went for the first time this year and was blown away by its beauty, I had no idea it would be that stunning!

The best perk of travelling together?

Jordan: You always have someone to share these unique experiences with. We obviously like to do the same things so there’s never an argument as to where we’re going to go or what we’re going to do.

Loanne: Having your best friend to share the experiences with, have fun with whilst also stealing their wardrobe (hehe)

What tracks are on your playlist right now?

Summertime – Milk and Sugar
So in Love – Robert Burian
Down – Marian Hill (Franky Ricardo remix)

You’ve played lots of festivals this summer. What’s been your favourite and why?

Jordan and Loanne: I absolutely loved playing at El Dorado festival, the crowd were incredible and so responsive to our music. It was such a beautiful Summer’s day and we were DJing on a lake stage with queues of people trying to get on.

Pick a song that best describes one another.

Jordan: The Mama’s and The Papa’s – California Dreamin

Loanne: Empire state of mind – Alicia Keys – The songs all about ambition, starting from little and achieving a lot! That’s Jordan’s mentality.

What’s each other’s best quality?

Jordan: Being friendly to everyone

Loanne: Her fun side – always ready for the next adventure!


Your first memory of Topshop?

Jordan: When I lived in Portugal and my friend had purchased this amazing dress and said it was from a store called Topshop

Loanne: Going there EVERY Saturday with my friends back at home and spending hours in there, trying on everything and buying the entire shop!

Your favourite Topshop pieces from the shoot?

Jordan: The blue bucket bag

Loanne: My Jeans! I absolutely love the fit of them. I find it hard to fit in jeans so these are an absolute winner. Great round the waist and a very flattering fit.

What piece of clothing can you not live without?

Jordan: My navy tailored trousers from Topshop

Loanne: I can’t live without my black jeans from Topshop they go with EVERYTHING!

Ultimate style icon?

Jordan: Maja Wyh – her style is so effortless and chic

Loanne: Matilda D Jerf – My new style crush – beachy, effortless and super cool!

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