Adwoa Aboah, Hailey Baldwin, Dilone And More… The Topshop Models Told Us What Their Names Mean To Them

If you saw our show at London Fashion Week last night, you will have noticed that for the finale all the models changed into T-shirts personalised by illustrator Sophie Ward. But what do Adwoa, Dilone and Elfie think about their own names, and where do they come from? We asked eight of our models backstage to tell us the most interesting fact about their name…

Adwoa Aboah

“My name is Ghanaian. It means ‘born on a Monday’ or ‘Monday’s child’ – I was born on a Monday.”

Hailey Baldwin

“I was named after Halley’s Comet.”


“Dilone is actually my last name. My full name is Janiece Altagracia Dilone, but I go by Dilone because I hate the name Janice and people always confuse Janiece with it. It just reminds me of Janice in Friends and that nasty laugh… So Dilone it is.”

Lineisy Montero

“My dad was a big fan of this famous dancer from the Dominican Republic called Linei, so my parents just added the ‘-sy’. People always think my name is Lindsey, and I couldn’t actually write my own name properly until I was in sixth grade – I always mixed up the letters. It sometimes makes me angry when people get my name wrong now, but then I remember I couldn’t even get it right for such a long time. I also actually really love having a name no one else has.”

Hana Jirícková

“I was originally supposed to be Charles, named after my dad. But as it turns out, I’m a girl and it ended up being Hana. Luckily I love the name.”

Elfie Reigate and Ruby Aldridge 

“My parents thought I was going to be a boy and picked the name Alfie. Because I turned out to be a girl, they just changed it to Elfie. Christmas is quite a hard time for me…”

“I love my name now, but when I was younger I really wanted to be called Sarah. It was my dream name. I also actually found out recently that the other two options for my name when I was born were Maroon and Lagoon… So I am very grateful for Ruby.”

Luna Bijl

“My name Luna is an Italian name and every time I go to Italy people just say ‘Oooh la luna, la luna’ – which means ‘the moon’ – and assume I am Italian. I am actually Dutch, and my dad named me Luna after the band Luna – not the moon.”


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