Get The Topshop London Fashion Week Beauty Look Now

This afternoon, we unveiled the Topshop London Fashion Week runway collection at our brand new Soho show space, and as well as giving you full access to shop selected styles straight off the runway, we’re also letting you in on how to master this season’s beauty look. We went backstage with the professionals – Duffy manning all-things hair and Lynsey Alexander on make-up – to teach us how to DIY…


The inspiration for this season’s beauty look is leftover glamour, reminiscent of the late ’80s, early ’90s in Soho, London. “It’s lived-in make-up, the greasier the better – all created with fingers, no brushes at all.” says Lynsey ahead of the show. There’s something about that raw, bare skin with a bit of highlighter and all focus on the eye – it embodies cool girls doing it for themselves, very DIY and all about them effortlessly getting ready.”


1. Mix it up. Use a lip liner on the eyes to create a pink stain, and then press iridescent powder onto the lids with your fingers (we’re using the Lip Kit). And then a dash of glitter right at the end of the eye.

2. Apply a light layer of foundation and concealer (keep it looking natural) and highlight your brow and cheek bones with Glow Pots in either Polished and Gleam depending on skin tone.

3. Use Brow Gel to create beautiful, handsome and groomed brows. No pencil.

4. Curl your lashes and apply False Lash Mascara. Need more volume? Apply black eyeliner in Ebony at the root of your lashes to give them a lift.

5. Keep lips are scrubbed and bare (it’s all about the eyes).

Top tip: Work on your glittery eye look first, use wet wipes to clean around the eye and then focus on your foundation base.


Grungy, distressed waves are the hair style of choice this season. “Think London clubs in the ’90s – The Wag club, The Mud club, Ronnie Scotts, Madame JoJos – and those late night girls who were out clubbing every night. They were very much pioneers in that time – these strong, individual characters partying with loads of confidence.” Duffy told us backstage.


1. Create a heavy left-hand side parting, scraping back the right-side of the head using extra hold hairspray.

2. Pin into place with grips creating a sleek, slicked back look.

3. Use a curling tong to create loose waves on the rest of the hair, and add salt spray for a rougher texture.

4. Shake out and distress the hair, brushing out the curls for a grungier feel.

Top tip: The sweatier the hair, the better it works – don’t worry about brushing your hair on your night out.

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