Henry Holland And Alexa Chung On House Of Holland’s New Collection

As always, House of Holland’s show was bold, loud and loads of fun. This time around, designer Henry Holland brought a pirate ship to the Topshop show space for the models to walk through to songs by Mike Skinner of The Streets. The collection? A mix of denim, dresses in the collection’s signature waved stripe print and slogan jersey tops, topped off with raffia pirate hats, bumbags and some seriously cool sunglasses. We spoke to the designer and his fashion BFF Alexa Chung backstage to find out more about the inspiration, key pieces and models with personality…

“The inspiration was sexy surfing pirates. Swashbuckling. It was about creating a collection of pieces that were just really easy and desirable to wear. The way we put them together was really just about injecting that narrative and then sending them through a pirate ship. ” – Henry Holland

“The show was hot, fun, uplifting, beautiful, cool and I really liked Henry’s choice of Mike Skinner songs.” – Alexa Chung

“I wanted to make the clothes a lot more fluid, draped and lighter – so I’ve really pared it back in terms of prints. We only used one print, a waved stripe. It actually started out as a trim down the sides of trousers and tailoring. As we were working with it I was like ‘you know what, that would actually make a really nice print.’ The other prints we worked on before just weren’t really setting my world on fire.” – Henry Holland

“My favourite piece was the orange dress, worn with the orange glasses.” – Alexa Chung

“I look for a bit of chat in a model. I know that my clothes are quite bold and out-there and if a girl doesn’t have the personality to pull them off, then it can look like the clothes are wearing them. Everything about our brand’s DNA are personality attributes: it’s bold, playful, humorous, tongue-in-cheek. And I look for girls with those personalities, which also makes casting so much more fun.” – Henry Holland

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