The Show Report: Topshop London Fashion Week September 2017

Today, we brought the Topshop runway to an ultra-cool show space in the heart of London’s Soho for a collection inspired by the area’s bright lights and fearless, tenacious spirit. Satin midi dresses, sophisticated swing coats and boucle skirt suits – an edit from the runway is available to buy right now. We caught up with Topshop stylist, Beth Fenton, backstage to give you the inside scoop on our London Fashion Week show…

Bright lights, big city

“The show is very much inspired by the heady days of London’s Soho and its underground nightlife. It’s all about that bright lights, big city feel – pre-Instagram days where you could just let loose and be yourself.

Another big inspiration that links to the Soho element is Corinne Day. When we were putting the looks together, we felt that Look 2 echoed one of her pictures of Rosemary Ferguson. Even Jourdan Dunn’s dress, you could totally imagine that in Corinne’s world.”

It’s all in the mix

“I just love the mix of something sporty with something that feels more sophisticated and then even with something more disco-inspired. It’s striking that balance between all those elements that work with such ease – that’s the key. Nothing should ever feel contrived. You can wear a snakeskin roll-neck under a little satin cocktail dress with sunglasses and then a punky boot. It’s the mix that makes it feel Topshop. It’s that nonchalance.

While it’s that mixture of the sporty elements with the more sophisticated elements, it’s also about the mixture of fabrications – satin with leather, for example. There’s so much personality to it so that’s why, for me, it’s so exciting to style.”

Girls, girls, girls

“More than ever this season, we really wanted the girls to be super sassy. And I think we have cast girls that just totally own it. Something that’s personally very important to me is that the girls loved their look and felt great in it. What was key for me was asking each girl ‘how do you feel?’ Do you love it?’ These kind of girls know what they like, so that’s also a big part of it.”

Day to night? It’s more like night to day…

‘Take Lili Sumner in the green satin dress. It’s a party dress, but she’s wearing it with a kitten heel, fishnet socks and sunglasses. You can totally believe that she would rock that in the day. And Danielle Lashley – she’s got quite a sassy black dress on, but a sporty bomber jacket over the top. Even Birgit Kos, she’s wearing a fluffy sweater with full-on metallic red leather pants. It’s really finding that balance between the pieces that make it feel easy.”

There’s always a place for T-shirts and denim…

“For the finale, we wanted to something that celebrated Topshop and Britain. As with the main show, it was all about each girl having their own individuality and their own personality within their outfit. We have these three T-shirt graphics that have Soho landmarks on them and we’ve graffitied each girls’ name on it to personalize it. And we’ve really worked with each girl to capture how they would wear the look. So, asking ourselves: ‘what’s their version of denim?’ ‘What’s their version of Topshop?”

Shop the Topshop London Fashion Week runway edit here…