The New Netflix Show Everyone Will Be Binge-Watching Soon

Fans of The Missing, Stranger Things and The OA listen up – there’s a new show coming to Netflix you’ll most definitely be binge-watching this December. Dark is the first ever German Netflix production and, with a gripping storyline, beautiful cinematography and a young, dynamic cast, it’s set to be what everyone will be talking about. We chatted to stars of the series Lisa Vicari and Louis Hofmann to find out why they think Dark is a must-see…

1. The lead actors are already very established in Germany

Louis and Lisa started acting at 9 and 11 respectively and have starred in a number of big German productions. Hofmann was even invited to the Oscars earlier this year for playing the lead in Land of Mine – a Danish-German war film nominated in the Best Foreign Language Film category. “The Oscars were wicked. I was fascinated and in awe walking the red carpet,” he told us. “You’re obviously super proud to be a part of a movie other people consider being one of the best films of the year. But at the end of the day it is ‘just’ an awards show. People go there because they did a great job and get rewarded for it. It’s actually quite simple.”

2. Both accepted the roles mainly because they wanted to know how the story continues

The young actors couldn’t wait to get their hands on the full script after auditioning. “Back in February 2016 I saw a press release about the show being produced and it sounded so amazing,” Louis said. “I thought to myself ‘there has to be a way for me to get on this show’ and weirdly enough they contacted me on my birthday that year asking if I’d like to audition for the leading role. They sent me the first two episodes to read and I just wanted to read more because I was so fascinated. Thankfully it all worked out in my favour.” Lisa was initially cast for a different role, read the script and also absolutely loved it: “I wanted to get through mainly to find out how it would continue. When I got the role it all seemed so big, exciting and like a dream come true.”

3. This is a big step for German television

“Around 109 million people all around the world have a Netflix account – you don’t usually get that kind of reach with German productions,” Lisa explained to us. “Usually a German film or show will only be recognised internationally a lot later following a successful release in Germany. But now it’s international from the get-go.” For Louis, “it does feel a bit like pressure because we all want this to do well and people are expecting a lot from it being the first German Netflix production. Even before we started filming you could feel the big ambitions everyone involved had for this project. It felt like such an honour to be a part of this big step for Germany.”

4. Don’t worry, you can watch the show in English

Even though the show was created and filmed in German you can watch it without having to focus on the subtitles because it was dubbed in eight languages, including English. “I still kind of hope some people will end up watching it in German with subtitles, because that’s how we made it. But it’s also great to know that anyone who’s not too keen on subtitles can still watch the show,” Louis admitted.

5. It was actually written way before Stranger Things

You will probably notice some parallels to Stranger Things, but don’t be fooled – Dark was actually written way before The Duffer Brothers’ show. According to Louis the storyline is compelling and extraordinary: “there’s no other series that deals with time travel in that way. It’s full of twists and turns and makes you shake your head in awe because you just can’t believe what’s happening. But at the same time it always has a realistic element making it relatable to anyone.” For Lisa, “the script is so great. It unfolds like a flower. New things come to light every couple of minutes and make things even more gripping. I know people won’t be able to stop watching!”

6. The cast really gave it their all

Lisa and Louis both agree that the most challenging scenes were their favourites to film. “We were in the woods at 3 am, everyone was super tired and we had to stand in the pouring rain wearing neoprene suits and kept falling over. I was thinking ‘what the hell am I doing here’ but those were still the best moments,” Louis told us. “It was so cold,” Lisa added, “but the challenge was what made the scenes so great. I usually don’t tend to hang out in the woods in the middle of the night and that made it all feel so realistic.”

7. It’s visually stunning 

What really stands out is Dark‘s unusual aesthetic, set and cinematography. Even the actors felt themselves completely immersed in this mysterious world. “Returning to the set every day was exciting because it’s so detailed and elaborate,” Louis shared with us. “It was created with such love and it felt special being surrounded by it. Most of the sets were actually built in a studio and so loads of work and effort went into making it. It made our job as actors a lot easier, because it all felt so real.”

We can’t wait to see it…


Dark is coming to Netflix December 1.