How I Do Christmas: Gia Escobar

Gia Escobar is part of Berlin’s coolest DJ duo, ALYGANY, with fellow model and best friend Alyssa Cordes. To celebrate her edit of her favourite pieces at Topshop right now, we discover how she styles out the festive season – from spending all day in her pyjamas to giving tattoos as gifts…

What’s your favourite part of Christmas?

I love Christmas because it is the time of the year that I get to go back to my hometown, celebrate with my family and see old friends. Plus, I love it when it’s cold outside and you can just stay home and be cosy. There’s also the smell of food cooking everywhere!

How do you celebrate Christmas Eve?

My family and I start the day with a long breakfast – we stay in our most comfy pyjamas the whole day! We all dress up to go to Church in the evening and then take a nice long walk home where we have our Christmas dinner and hand out the presents!

What does Christmas day look like for you? Do you dress up or down?

It’s pretty relaxed – we all sit together in the living room, talk and enjoy our time together.

What’s your Boxing Day routine?

I spend Boxing Day with my boyfriend’s family.

What’s the biggest wish that ever came true for you on Christmas?

That it snowed on Christmas evening – I was a kid!

What’s the best gift you’ve ever given someone?

A tattoo under my left foot – it has the initials of my boyfriend next to a heart.

What’s your wish for the future?

For my family and I to stay happy and healthy.

What do you love about the Topshop pieces you’ve picked?

They are festive and elegant, but also cool and a little bit punky.

Shop Gia’s edit here…