How To Style The Best Pieces In Topshop’s High Summer 2018 Campaign

Topshop’s high summer 2018 campaign champions a spirit of undisputed fashion freedom, where embracing your own creativity is the key. Not sure how to go about that? We asked Sarah Richardson – our stylist on the shoot in Miami – to give us some tips…

What is your favourite outfit in the campaign?

It would have to be the below two looks…

What inspired the styling on this shoot?

The film True Romance inspired the colours, while Betty Blue influenced the overarching fashion mood. Another influence for me was LL Cool J.

How did Miami influence the look and feel of the shoot?

Miami a melting pot, which creates a unique youth culture, so I wanted to make sure the colours and lightness were contrasted by a more urban look.

What would you say are the key silhouettes this season?

Tracksuits – sportswear in general – and ’90s grunge prairie dresses.

Would you say the bucket hat is the accessory of the season? What other accessories will be a must?

The bucket hats just feel so relevant right now, as we’re returning to the look of ’80s and ’90s hip hop and rave culture. I’d also say keychains, rucksacks and bumbags are other key accessories at the moment.

How can I take a summer dress from day to night?

Simple: just add a heel and / or a bold lip.

What are your styling tips to make dresses look cool this summer?

Wear your dress a little bit oversized, I’d go one size bigger than you’d usually wear. Then add a big oversized cardigan and some Converse or old-school trainers.


Do you have any tips on how to best pull off bold prints such as camo and florals?

Be creative but keep it low key. Mix colours rather than matching them – think khaki camo paired with pink camo. I also like bold prints dressed down with a grungy tee or sportswear elements.


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