The Most Exciting Places To Eat Gelato This Summer

Strawberry and peppercorn? Tomato, basil and chocolate? Get a taste of this summer’s most exciting gelato with our round-up of the best European ice-cream places to try this summer…

1. LaGelatiera, London

With flavours including everything from porcini chocolate cream to traditional salted caramel, La Gelatiera is a paradise for gelato lovers. The best bit? The ice-cream is free of preservatives and additives, so you can enjoy it guilt-free.

2. Chin Chin Labs, London

The scientific Chin Chin Lab uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice-cream mixture first, which is said to create a smoother and tastier treat. The surprises don’t stop there, as they serve up bold flavours such as coffee and olive oil…

3. Berthillon, Paris

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Berthillon is widely recognised as one of the best gelato places in the whole of France, having been around since the 60s. As if that wasn’t already enough to convince you, they offer over 60 flavours, 30 of which differ depending on the season.

4. Gelupo, London

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Since opening its doors in 2010, Gelupo has been known as one of the best gelato parlours in London. Feeling experimental? Then you should definitely try some of their unique flavours including mango sticky rice, strawberry and peppercorn, and tomato, basil and chocolate…

5. Ballabeni, Munich

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The sleek interior – complete with white hard-top counters and a minimalist design -immediately sets this spot apart. We’re even more interested in the delicious flower-shaped wafer cones though…