The Most Instagram-Worthy Flower Fields In The World

Potentially the best backdrop for an Instagram post, (we can practically see the likes pouring in) flower fields are famed for breathtaking colours and a feeling of total serenity. Take a look at some of the most vibrant fields dotted around the world.

1. Carlsbad Flower Fields – L.A. California

With over 50 acres of ranunculus flowers, the Carlsbad flower field displays an array of vibrant hues along the L.A. coast.

2. The Confetti Flower Field – Worcestershire

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Behold the flower petal confetti field – a truly spectacular sight in July. Awash with delphiniums and cornflowers, it’s open for just over a week. Get those photo filters at the ready!

3. Keukenkof Gardens – Lisse, Netherlands

Aptly nicknamed the ‘Garden of Europe’, this field is definitely not your usual. Boasting over 7 million tulips in a plethora of colours and varieties, Keukenkof Gardens is worth a spot on your feed.

4. Lavender Fields – Provence, France

Blooming from June to August each year, the lavender fields are a must-see during the summer. The lavender crop is incorporated into soaps and cosmetics and there is even a museum on site.

5. Hitachi Seaside Park – Japan

Located near the Japanese coast and filled with lush greenery, sand dunes and colourful succulents, the Hitachi Seaside park is a major attraction. For those looking to combine the thrill of an amusement park with some of nature’s finest views, this site may be spot on.