5 LGBTQ+ Artists You Need To Know

by Francis Wintour

From acclaimed sculptor Stuart Sandford to sensual Patrick Church, here are the thirstiest LGBTQ+ artists of the moment…

The Kids are Fine

As a kid, I did not necessarily look for “queer artists” or “queer art”. However, I was fascinated by Nan Goldin’s dreamy pictures, Robert Mapplethorpe’s orchids and Pierre Molinier hypnotizing dark world. As you can’t separate an artist from his/her/its work, you could argue over the queerness of each of them, especially Molinier whose actual sexuality is subject to opinion. But I am much more interested in the transgressive quality of their work. Not only were they challenging society they were also transcending the boundaries of themselves. But it is 2018! There are new ideas we must upset and new borders to cross. Let’s take a look at 5 new young artists who are doing just that.

1. Patrick Church, Painter

This has undoubtedly been Patrick’s year. He has established himself as painter with a distinctive style that comes from his fixation on sensuality and the human form. His work, very personal at times, focuses on self-portraits and draws on his loved ones. Patrick collaborated with Opening Ceremony for a collection of one-of-a-kind, hand-painted pieces. From leather jackets and bags, to painting on a dress as part of a performance, to a model’s breasts, Patrick turns anything into his canvas…

2. Stuart Sandford, Photographer

Felling an almost spiritual calling, Stuart moved to LA to be part of a residency at the legendary Tom of Finland house. In LA he worked with one of his muses, supermodel Sebastian Suave to create the Sebastian sculpture, in a way his own David, which is now part of many collections around the world. Stuart recently published a photo book, a romantic and seductive series of Polaroids of people, moments and places, as a response to heartbreak. He continues to create new work and exhibitions. He’s one to keep an eye on.

3. Max Wallis, Poet

Max is the author of two poetry books and he’s your modern lover-boy. He is redefining what it means to be a poet. He has collaborated with brands like Topman and Burberry and is taking poetry to new unconventional places, like turning the Regent’s Park Underground into his gallery, with three poems about love, loss and passion in 2017.

4. Nomi Ruiz, Performer/Song Writer

Nomi is the frontwoman of Jessica6, a New York-based band. Nomi isn’t a rising star, she’s more of a beautiful, seductive constellation that our telescopes on earth cannot reach just yet, but that is changing fast! She sings of love, sex, and acceptance of oneself. Publications like The Guardian and Billboard can’t get enough of her. As a trans artist, she’s striking a cord, as she’s not shy about her experiences and is very involved in the community. She just finished a Latin America tour and her new song “Get Loaded” is out now on all digital platforms, have a listen.

5. Daniel del Valle, Photographer

And we enter the garden of Daniel. The art and fashion scene in Spain seem to have been reenergized in the past years. Daniel is in the middle of that. With a self induced obsession with the botanic world, he wants to show truth through flowers he uses in his photos and installations. To him, flowers are not just props but vessels of emotions and cultures, they’re stories. Now he taking telling his own story, with his new work, “mini sculptures’ elegant orchids fossilized in enamel that seem to have been mutated by a out of this world virus.


Francis Wintour is film maker, performance artist and writer. He attended film school for two years in New York, where he moved to when he was only 15 years old, on his own. Since then he has worked with legendary avant-garde director Robert Wilson, done numerous performance art pieces with the likes of Hauser + Wirth and worked on independent films. He’s currently working on a new project.