8 Ways To Live La Dolce Vita This Summer

Holidays, weddings, birthday parties – there are so many things we need to plan ahead for every summer. Italian spirits brand Aperol has carried out a study that proved over half of Brits think they have lost all spontaneity, with pre-arranged social plans dominating our diaries and taking the fun out of social occasions. Are you feeling more stressed than relaxed? Shake things up a bit and introduce a new wave of spontaneity to those days that aren’t already pencilled in your diary weeks in advance. Social Commentator Kamin Mohammadi – who recently released a book on ‘How to live, love and eat and drink the Italian way’ – has shared her eight top tips with us…

1. “Take the Italian approach. Call (don’t text!) a friend right now and arrange to meet for a drink in an hour – ciao, cosa fai adesso?”

2. “Start ‘No Plan Wednesday’ and deliberately leave gaps in your diary for the possibility of spontaneous evenings, and see what you fancy on the day.”

3. “Seek out Italian-style social spots to make new connections: enjoy an al fresco drink in a sunny square, start conversations with strangers and make new friends. Salute!”

4. “Be friendly and open on a night out – seek out new connections, approach people in group situations and welcome newcomers. The more the merrier! Who knows where it might take you?”

5. “Make summer your spontaneous season. Make a list of ‘Must Dos’ for the next few months then leave the rest of the diary blank so you can make the most of the longer evenings and the joy of having no plans.”

6. “Next time you see a friend, just head to the bar or café closest to your meeting point and – after your first drink – ask the staff where you should head to next. Follow their direction and see where the night takes you…”

7. “Pledge allegiance to spontaneity and convince your friends to join you; half of all Brits are tired of over-planning but are equally as afraid to stop! It’s easier if you are in it together.”

8. “Embrace the opportunity to try something new and unexpected. If you aren’t ready to completely let go, let your partner, flatmate or even your mum take over your diary for a few days and enjoy the surprises.”



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