Style Evolution: Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turn 32 today! First making their way into the limelight at only nine months old in Full House , the twins have since blossomed from child stars to style icons and the respected fashion designers they are today. To celebrate their birthday, we’re looking back at their style evolution from 1989 to today…


Aged three, the twins rocked embellished tees, bandanas and fake tattoos whilst filming Full House.


In the ’90s, MKA continued to wear matching looks – usually with a slight variation in colour or details.


We’d totally still wear these cream shell-hemmed suits today…


Who could forget New York Minute? Just like in the movie each sister started to develop her own personal style in real life, with Mary-Kate being slightly more edgy than Ashley.


When the pair received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Mary-Kate wore a lilac halterneck dress and velvet heels whilst Ashley went for head-to-toe white.


By 2006, MKA had developed a strong signature style with their grungy combinations made up of lots of black, maxi dresses, fur jackets and bohemian accessories.


The twins consolidated their style icon status by maintaining this distinct avant-garde aesthetic with key pieces over the years.


Way ahead of the curve, the Olsen twins both wore tailored suits instead of evening gowns at the 2011 CFDA awards.


Though MKA still stick to what they know (bohemian pieces, maxi dresses and fur), their look has become a lot brighter and more colourful in the past few years.


At the 2017 Met Gala the pair once again proved that their eclectic style is timeless, effortless and goes beyond trends.


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