The French Influencer You Need To Follow Now

If you’re looking for more French fashion inspiration from your Instagram feed, then look no further than our current style crush, @slipintostyle. With Bastille Day just around the corner, we caught up with Ellie to talk about the difference between Paris and London style, the Topshop pieces she loves this season and what she will be up to on the 14th of July…

Can you introduce yourself?
I’m Ellie, a fashion blogger originally from the Caribbean and living the good life in Paris.

How does living in Paris influence your style?
Living in Paris has taught me to have good basics and staples that you can wear many different ways, like a good pair of vintage jeans or the perfect summer dress.

How does Parisian style differ from that in London?
French style is simple but effortless and still cool; London style is much more daring, unexpected, out there and fun.

How would you define your style?
Bold, fun and versatile!

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned about style?
That I can’t stick to one style for the rest of my days. I like to change it up and have fun with it depending on my mood or just what I feel like wearing. Most importantly, I’ve learned not to follow too many rules when it comes to fashion. See what works for you and make your own rules as you go!

What does a normal day look like for you?
A normal day these days consists of meeting my manager in the morning and going over my current projects and maybe pitch some new ones. As it Paris Couture Week last week, I went to showrooms to see new collections and appointments for fittings, as well as shot some looks for my Instagram. I basically spend the day running around town, but if time allows, I always try to include a quick drink with a girlfriend after my day is done.

Why did you choose Instagram rather than a blog to show your outfits? Will you start a blog at some point?
We live in a society that is highly visual and sadly people are less interested in reading. They want to see pictures, lots of them, and they want to access them easily and from one platform, so Instagram felt like the more practical and effective way to show my outfits and reach a broad audience.

What trends do you love this season?
So many! I love bum bags because you can wear them and style them so many different ways. I’m also very into polka dots, in any color. Oh, and stripes!

What’s your first memory of Topshop?
Going to London for the first time a few years ago and stumbling across the coolest jeans I’ve ever seen! I’ve been addicted to the Mom jeans ever since.

What do you love about your Topshop outfits? Can you talk us through how you’ve styled them?
What I love about my Topshop outfits is how different they all are from one another. One is very casual streetwear, while the other two are either very colourful or minimalist chic. A different aspect of my personality shows through each of them, which I find very interesting and unexpected.

For the first look I wanted something very casual but still feminine, which is why I picked the grey bodycon dress. I threw in some more masculine slides and a bum bag because it makes the whole outfit much cooler and on-trend.

For the second look, I went for crazy colour and prints, which I’m a huge fan of. It just made sense to style the top and skirt together and to end up looking like a giant rainbow of colour!

For the last look, I decided to tone it down and paired a high-waisted midi skirt with a crop top. Worn together, they look so flattering. Add some clear mules and the beaded bag et voilà! You’ve got yourself a very chic look.

What does Bastille Day mean to you and do you have any traditions?
Bastille Day to me means celebrating togetherness – being one, being together and also being proud of who you are no matter your nationality.

How will you be spending it this year?
On Bastille Day, I do something very typically French – normally an apéro, a drink en terasse with my friends. This year Bastille day for me will have a more tropical feel to it as I will be holidaying to my home island Martinique! I’ll enjoy a different kind of apéro there!