3 Times Mila Kunis Gave Us Style Inspiration In That ’70s Show

Happy birthday Mila Kunis! To mark her 35th birthday, we’ve taken a look back at the actress’ turn in one of our favourite series – That ’70s Show – and how her character Jackie Burkhart predicted the 3 trends we want to be wearing right now…

1. A neck scarf and flares

Ticking off two trends in one look, Jackie does the ultimate ’70s outfit with a staple pair of flares and a neck scarf.

2. The boilersuit

Practical, stylish and effortlessly cool, the boilersuit is the only one-piece your can wear outside that isn’t made for sleeping. We’ve got the perfect ’70s-inspired denim style here.

3. Print, print and more print

The printed shirt never fails to transform your wardrobe and will be a feature in your wardrobe for seasons to come.