7 Ways To Beat The Post Holiday Blues

If you’ve just returned from your holiday, it’s quite likely you’re currently experiencing symptoms of the holiday blues: the feeling of rest and relaxation has already disappeared, the everyday seems a lot more dreary and exhausting than it did before and the tan is already fading. So how to beat the blues? Discover seven steps that should hopefully help you overcome it…

1. Make a scrapbook of your holiday memories

Don’t keep looking at and dwelling over your holiday pictures, but try to stay in the here and now. If you’re struggling to let go, take a couple of hours to create a scrapbook capturing all your memories to get it out of your system.

2. Plan something special back home 

Find a way to start appreciating your hometown again by planning something special you’ve been wanting to do for ages. If you’re in London, why don’t you go for dinner at the top of the Gherkin, with spectacular views of the city? There’s nothing like a great view to make you realise that being at home might not be so bad…

3. Start meditating

Turn your negative feelings into something positive by learning how to meditate. There are plenty of free apps that allow you to do it from the comfort of your home. It will help you gather your thoughts, teach you how to learn in the present and bring some of that holiday relaxation back into your system.

4. Schedule lots of me-time 

Massages, long baths, face masks, going to the gym or reading that book you didn’t finish on your holidays – there’s nothing like a bit of me-time to make you feel better. Make sure you have at least an hour a day just to yourself to do whatever you feel like doing in that moment and feel completely free.

5. Book your next holiday 

Book another holiday, even if it’s just a short weekend break – it gets so much easier once you have something new to look forward to.

6. Take the time to reevaluate your life

What has been bothering you most since you’ve come back? The problem might not be post-holiday blues, but the realisation that you’re unhappy with something in your life. Make a list of everything that has been playing on your mind since your return, find the main issue and address it.

7. Change one thing in your house 

If a change of scenery treated you well, apply it to the everyday. Whether you decide to rearrange your room entirely, paint a wall or just buy a new plant – changing your surroundings will work wonders and make you feel excited about being at home again.