The Most Instagram-Worthy Backdrops To Find On Your Next Vacation

Is your Instagram feed lacking in colour? Make the most of your next city break by exploring the best street-art spots to take the ideal holiday snap. We went on a search for the most Instagram-worthy murals around the world to help you out…

1. Melbourne, Australia 

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What could be cuter than a picture of you and your friends doing the Three wise monkeys pose in front of this banana wall art? The perfect caption is also a no-brainer… 🙈🙉🙊

2. Lisbon, Portugal

There’s no place like Lisbon when it comes to beautifully tiled walls. Make sure to pack lots of different outfits because you’ll want to take a picture in every corner of the city.

3. L.A., California

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Paul Smith’s pink wall in L.A. is definitely the most famous of them all. Coined the “blogger-wall”, it has served as the backdrop for all your favourite influencers and is a definite must-see on Melrose Avenue.

4. Palm Springs, California

We instantly get the feeling of having sun-kissed skin when we look at this picture. Want your own version of it? You can find this wall in Palm Springs.

5. London, UK

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Always wanted one of those pictures with a pair of wings? There’s a wall in London that should do the trick.

6. Vancouver, Canada

A rainbow in pastel colours – what more could you ask for?