American Horror Story’s Best Dressed Characters Ever

The first episode of American Horror Story‘s eight season finally airs tonight! Titled Apocalypse, it’s been announced as a crossover between popular seasons Murder House and Coven merged with a brand new set of characters. If, like us, you can’t wait to tune in, enjoy our gallery of the nine best-dressed AHS characters in the meantime. These would also make for some great Halloween costumes…

1. The Countess – Hotel

Lady Gaga first joined the ever-growing cast of AHS with a leading role in 2015’s Hotel. Her character “The Countess” was the glamorous owner of the Hotel Cortez and never not impeccably styled in sweeping silk gowns, elaborate hairstyles and her signature diamond-encrusted glove.

2. The entire Coven – Coven

Whether it’s Misty Day’s Steve Nicks-inspired wardrobe, the witches all-black designer looks or Myrtle Snow’s iconic last words (“Balenciaga!”) – Coven is definitely the most fashionable of all seasons.

3. Elsa Mars – Freak Show

Jessica Lange’s performances in American Horror Story have earned a Golden Globe, two Emmy’s and a SAG award. Her theatrical costumes as freak show owner and singer Elsa Mars are just as prize-worthy.

4. Hypodermic Sally – Hotel

We can’t help but think “Hypodermic Sally”‘s clothes were inspired by the original Blade Runner (click here for reference), but we’re not complaining. Leopard print, velvet chokers, platform heels and fishnet tights – have you ever seen a more stylish ghost?

5. Any of Angela Basset’s characters – Freak ShowHotelCoven

No matter if she’s a voodoo queen, freak show performer or film star – Angela Bassett’s AHS characters are always dressed to impress. Think lots of vivid colour, headpieces, eccentric jewellery and fur coats.

6. Dr. Alex Lowe – Hotel

Chloë Sevigny, who portrays the mother of missing child Holden in season five, is a worldwide style icon. Her character Dr. Alex Lowe’s wardrobe might be a tad more traditional – her favourite pieces include buttoned-up blouses, Victorian-style dresses and berets – but she always looks perfectly put-together.

7. Maggie Esmeralda – Freak Show

Maggie Esmeralda, played by Emma Roberts, may be a sham fortune teller but she definitely looks the part. We love her perfect 1940’s hairdos, metal belts, pleated midi skirts and cute knitted tops, always finished off with a glossy coat of red lipstick.

8. Liz Taylor – Hotel

Born as Nick, the transgender barkeeper at Hotel Cortez uses Liz Taylor as the inspiration for a new identity, look and name. Each one of her outfits references the actresses most iconic roles, from the Cleopatra-inspired eyeliner to the glamorous sequinned evening gowns.

9. Audrey Tindall – My Roanoke Nightmare

Sarah Paulson has played a total of nine roles in the seven seasons to date. Audrey Tindall, the British actress she portrays in My Roanoke Nightmare, always looked flawless with her pixie-haircut, white Bohemian-style lace dresses and pearl jewellery.


All images credited to FX