The Netflix Releases To Watch This September 2018

Want to know what we’re watching this month? From a dark futuristic miniseries starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill to the coming-of-age movie everyone will be talking about, here’s what we’re tuning into this September…

Atypical – Season 2

The charming story of Sam, a 18-year-old boy on the autistic spectrum, was a surprise hit last year. Atypical‘s second season further depicts what Sam’s autism means for his teenage life as well as the effects it has on his sister and his parents’ relationship in a sweet and humorous, yet true-to-life, narrative.

– Coming to Netflix on 7th September 2018


Emma Stone and Jonah Hill join forces in Maniac, a dark-comedy miniseries about a mysterious pharmaceutical trial. Neither of the protagonists’ lives have turned out quite the way they wanted, encouraging them to apply for a three-day drug trial that will, they’re assured, solve all of their problems, permanently…

– Coming to Netflix on 21st September 2018

On My Skin

On My Skin is based on the incredible true story of one of the most controversial Italian court cases in recent years. The film depicts Stefano Cucchi’s last days before he was mysteriously found dead during his detention and how his family’s life was changed forever, making it a must-see for any true crime fan.

– Coming to Netflix on 12th September 2018


Starring Shannon Purser (Stranger Things) and Noah Centineo (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before), who both rose to fame thanks to Netflix, SIERRA BURGESS IS A LOSER is destined to be a hit. The modern rom-com retelling of the Cyrano de Bergerac story follows outsider Sierra who, in a case of mistaken identity, must team up with the school’s most popular girl in order to win over her crush…

– Coming to Netflix on 7th September 2018

Hold the Dark

In Netflix’ psychological thriller of the month, retired naturalist and wolf expert Russell Core journeys to the edge of civilisation in northern Alaska at the pleading of a young mother whose son was killed by a pack of wolves. As Core attempts to help Medora track down the wolves who took her son, a strange and dangerous relationship develops between the two lonely souls…

– Coming to Netflix on 28th September 2018